Protection is Required‘s web site blacklisting monitoring service protects your brand’s image from being “blacklisted” and from the effects it has on your web serverwebsite, and brand reputation.

What Is Website Blacklisting?

Just like email servers that consistently send out spam, websites can become “blacklisted“, meaning that they are labeled as spam, malware, or malicious in nature. Most moderns browsers will warn visitors that your website is “unsafe“. These “blacklists” are maintained by anti-virus websites and track warnings associated with specific sites.

How Do I Check If My Website Is “Blacklisted”?

Are We Online checks if your website is “blacklisted” by monitoring the anti-virus blacklists. If your domain or website appears on one of these blacklists, you will immediately be notified so you can correct the problematic page, and submit your website for review to be removed from the list of blacklisted websites.

My Website Is “Blacklisted”. What Do I Do Now?

Once Are We Online alerts you that your web site is “blacklisted”, start by reviewing which pages are causing the spam or malware flags. Remove the unecessary content, or repair any damage to your database, and verify that the infected files have been cleaned. Once, you have verified your website’s content isn’t spam or malware, submit a review to the website blacklist index that blacklisted your website.

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