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Check delivery speed and load times

Website Performance

AreWeOnline’s professional, e-commerce and businss website performance monitoring tracks your website response time and uptime.

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Content Monitoring

Not only do we check the speed of your site, but we make sure that it is the correct information being shown by doing keyword matches.

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Domain Expiration Monitoring

Pirating domains has become a business in itself. Don’t let your domain get bought out from under you, because your domain name is valuable.

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What is

AreWeOnline performs tests on your website, every 10 minutes, to make sure your Business and eCommerce websites are up and running, and delivering your content at a good speed. We also check many other critical business functions, to provide a complete monitoring system for your website and intellectual property.

Do Not Let Them Think You’re Closed

You don’t get “second chances” very often on the internet – if your site doesn’t load quickly, your visitor will simply move on to the next website, resulting in lost business!

Are We Online is a website monitoring service that watches your company website, as well your web server’s health, and alerts you immediately if there’s any problem.

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This is what people think when your website doesn’t come up!

We count on “” to monitor our websites. Our tech staff gets instant alerts by email and on their mobile devices if there is any interruption or delay in service. Problems will occur, but AreWeOnline helps us be totally prepared.

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