Email and FTP Monitoring will submit SMTP, POP, and IMAP requests to your email server to make sure that it is responding correctly. 

Make sure you’re receiving email from your customers. A company relies heavily on their mail system working 100% of the time. Email server monitoring will alert you if your email server stops working correctly – so that you can minimize any embarrassing down-time.

Why Would My Business’ Website Need Email Server Monitoring?

Email server monitoring lets you be proactive about email server downtime. With’s email server monitoring service, you won’t have to wait until a prospective client calls you, asking “why haven’t you replied to my email yet?”

Why Do I Need to Monitor FTP Sites?

If your business requires file transfers, FTP and sFTP (secured) is usually the way to do that. There are many businesses that depend on your cloud for data-storage, and you have customers that may depend on this service staying up and running properly for them to perform their business functions.

Monitoring the performance of your FTP server will allow you to monitor unnecessary traffic, prevent and defend against attacks, and also ensure that when files need to be added and distributed across your FTP network, they can be easily. FTP Server Monitoring allows you to keep an eye on the performance of your server, and make sure that overload isn’t causing your business to experience server downtime.

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