Web speed and performance monitoring

Real-Time Website Uptime Monitoring

AreWeOnline.com reports website uptime, exceptions, and faults in real-time. Our website monitoring service will report your website’s availability, response time, uptime, domain status, and server status in real-time.

Real-Time Website Monitoring

What is “Real-Time” Website Monitoring?

Are We Online will monitor your website as often as 5 minutes using our Pro-Plan.

Are We Online doesn’t read “web logs” or “server error logs”, instead we make real HTTP and HTTPS requests to your site. We are able to replicate user experience by avoiding delayed reporting techniques. Are We Online is designed to validate that your website is up and running at all times.

How Can Real-Time Server Monitoring and Real-Time Website Monitoring Improve Search Engine Ranking?

Google tracks user patterns – including how long they spend on a site before jumping back to the search results. When your website’s not online or even just running slow, impatient users will instantly click back to the search results. Google sees this as a “bounce” and it will be held against the website as a lack of authority on the subject that the user was searching for.

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